AirBoxOne ™

The smart-fleet movement makes a major leap forward with this transformational new control system. AirBoxOne™ unifies truck and trailer sensors into one integrated, user-friendly platform.

The AirBoxOne™ Advantage


Drōv’s AirBoxOne™ features state-of-the-art technology. This system captures and sends multipoint operational data to your logistics center. Adding Drōv’s AirBoxOne™ to your fleet brings a new level of analytics to your operation’s bottom line. The system provides multiple solutions for making trailers smart:

  • Tire inflation/deflation versus load (per tire manufacturers recommendations)
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS integrated)
  • ABS brake fault notification
  • GPS location and route tracking
  • Accelerometer
  • Inside box temperature
  • Weight on the axles
  • Brake, Air Tank, and wheel-end temperature monitoring
  • Equipment and load security
  • Door sensors
  • Solar power recharging
  • Video cargo camera
  • Parking brake monitoring

Your ROI


By maintaining recommended tire manufacturer PSI at all times versus weight, vehicle owners will be able to maximize the value represented by the tire OEM:

  • Fuel efficiency gains / GHG compliance
  • Tire life / ROI
  • Vehicle safety monitoring
  • Prevents vehicle overloading
  • Increase asset utilization
  • Better preventative maintenance notification
  • Single powerful platform for data analysis and automation.
  • Expandability to support numerous other applications
  • Several of the latest wireless technologies
  • Supports a large variety of the sensor technology (both analog and digital)

Component List


The AirBoxOne™ system for Trailer component list:

  • A cloud-enabled control box – AirBoxOne™
  • Wiring harness to install AirBoxOne™ and optional sensors
  • A pressure protection valve for the supply air tank
  • 2 Rotary unions (for each axle)
  • 2 Axle plugs (for each axle)
  • 2 Inner “Smart” tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)
  • 2 Outer “Smart” tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)
  • OR 2 “Smart” tire hoses (for each axle with wide based tires)
  • Installation components including air tubing, wiring, and PSI warning light
  • Sensor options for a variety of inputs
  • Cargo camera (includes trailer mount)
  • Vehicle Health Display
  • GPS with optional real-time location monitoring, trip and speed
  • Axle weight sensors for both spring and air ride suspensions
  • Wheel-end temperature sensors for monitoring temperatures near the brakes and bearings
  • ABS warning light monitor
  • Optional ABS fault identification (requires Bendix Tab6 Advanced)
  • Automotive grade accelerometer for monitoring trailer hard braking, trailer ride quality, and extreme g-forces etc.
  • TPMS sensors for monitoring individual tire pressure and temperature
  • Supported data interfaces
    1. J1939
    2. CAN
    3. Power Line Communication
    4. Wifi
    5. Bluetooth
    6. Zigbee
    7. LoRa
    8. RS485