Finally, a trailer that can keep up with the tractor.

Drōv Technologies proudly presents our flagship product: the Drōv Smart Trailer Powered by AirBoxOne™

What the AirBoxOne™ Provides

Drov Technologies
Drov Technologies
Driver Notification
The driver will be notified when system alerts are triggered for issues with Tire Pressures, Brakes, Hubs, Lights Out, Door Position and other warnings.
System Alerts and Secure Cloud Communications
Alerts will be activated when there is a change in trailer condition as detected by the various sensors on the trailer. These alerts, along with real-time information on trailer status, location, etc. are transmitted via secure cloud communications to authorized Drōv web-based mobile or desktop interface users and may also be provided to fleets via an available software API.
Vehicle Speed and Acceleromter
The system monitors real-time vehicle speed. The accelerometer allows monitoring trailer movement when unconnected to tractor power or air-connected and also monitors for harsh impacts.
Cargo Camera
An image is taken when a door opens or closes. The camera also enables the calculation of a percentage-loaded value with the ability to view loads over selected dates, time periods and locations.
GPS Location
Real time GPS tracking occurs when the vehicle is running. Live trips can be monitored and all trailer trips are stored for retrieval as needed. The system will also keep a record of the number of days parked.
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
TPMS sensors monitor tire pressure and temperature.
Inside Trailer Temperature
If the temperature rises above or below the fleet-designated set point, system alerts will be immediately triggered. For refrigerated trailers, current temperature is monitored and recorded from 3 different zones. The number of zones to be monitored can be chosen by the fleet at the time of installation.
Automated Tire Pressure Inflation and Deflation
Individual tire PSI levels are monitored against the PSI set point designated by the fleet. The driver and fleet will be notified when the PSI level differs from the set point and the system will automatically adjust the level up or down as required.
ABS & Disc Brake Monitoring
The driver and fleet will be notified if brake faults occur (with codes & information), if disc brake pad wear warnings are generated or if ABS is not getting power when connected to the Tractor.
Weight Sensor
Reads and provides the weight of the cargo load on the axles which can be correlated with tire pressure values.
Solar Panels
The solar panels provide a backup energy source for the AirBoxOne™.
Door Position Sensor and Lock
The driver and fleet will be notified when the trailer doors are opened, closed and/or unlocked.
Vehicle Health Display
This nose-mounted external display will provide the monitored health status of the trailer at the click of a button including the last interior image taken. The trailer does not need to be connected to tractor power for the display to be operable.
SKF Wheel End Monitor
Monitors the hub temperatures and bearing vibrations. (Provided by SKF Traxx)
Grote Light Out Protection
The driver and fleet will be alerted when there is a light out on the trailer. (Provided by Grote)

Drōv Smart Trailer Powered by AirBoxOne™

The AirBoxOne™ system combines Drōv’s proven and patented wheel-end rotary union hardware with electronic technology. With the AirBoxOne™, trailer tire pressure can be dynamically adjusted (increased or decreased) based on load weight. Data feeds, alerts and reports are produced for critical trailer operating conditions including tires, wheel ends, and numerous other sensor-monitored data points and are communicated directly from the vehicle to the fleet and the driver.

Smart Trailer User Interface

With AirBoxOne™, you’ll realize a measurable return on your investment and gain these significant operational, financial and safety benefits:

  • Enhanced proactive maintenance practices and timing
  • Increased load efficiency and capacity
  • Reduced cost-per-mile and lessened potential for roadside incidents
  • Instantly locate and deploy idle or underutilized assets and identify any detained assets
  • Reduced potential CSA violations and costly downtime which could result in missing delivery requirements
  • Extended life of your trailer assets
  • Improved service to YOUR customer

Deploying AirBoxOne™ on your fleet of trailers will provide you with real-time, actionable information and answers to questions you didn’t even ask! Talk to us about having AirBoxOne™ installed on your trailers with your next OEM trailer order and improve your bottom line.

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