The smart-fleet movement makes a major leap forward with this transformational new control system. AirBoxOne™ unifies truck and trailer sensors into one integrated, user-friendly platform.

The AirBoxOne™ Advantage

Drōv’s AirBoxOne™ features state-of-the-art technology. This system captures and sends multipoint operational data to your logistics center. Adding Drōv’s AirBoxOne™ to your fleet brings a new level of analytics to your operation’s bottom line. The system provides multiple solutions for making trailers smart:

Tire inflation/deflation versus load (per tire manufacturers recommendations)
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS integrated)
ABS brake fault notification
GPS location and route tracking
Inside box temperature
Weight on the axles
Brake, Air Tank, and wheel-end temperature monitoring
Equipment and load security
Door sensors
Solar power recharging
Video cargo camera
Parking brake monitoring

The AirBoxOne™ ROI

By maintaining recommended tire manufacturer PSI at all times versus weight, vehicle owners will be able to maximize the value represented by the tire OEM:

Fuel efficiency gains / GHG compliance
Tire life / ROI
Vehicle safety monitoring
Prevents vehicle overloading
Increase asset utilization
Better preventative maintenance notification
Single powerful platform for data analysis and automation.
Expandability to support numerous other applications
Several of the latest wireless technologies
Supports a large variety of the sensor technology (both analog and digital)

The AirBoxOne™ Component List

The AirBoxOne™ system for Trailer component list:

A cloud-enabled control box – AirBoxOne™
Wiring harness to install AirBoxOne™ and optional sensors
A pressure protection valve for the supply air tank
2 Rotary unions (for each axle)
2 Axle plugs (for each axle)
2 Inner “Smart” tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)
2 Outer “Smart” tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)
OR 2 “Smart” tire hoses (for each axle with wide based tires)
Installation components including air tubing, wiring, and PSI warning light
Sensor options for a variety of inputs
Cargo camera (includes trailer mount)
GPS with optional real-time location monitoring, trip and speed
Axle weight sensors for both spring and air ride suspensions
Wheel-end temperature sensors for monitoring temperatures near the brakes and bearings
ABS warning light monitor
Optional ABS fault identification (requires Bendix Tab6 Advanced)
Automotive grade accelerometer for monitoring trailer hard braking, trailer ride quality, and extreme g-forces etc.
TPMS sensors for monitoring individual tire pressure and temperature
Supported data interfaces
Power Line Communication