Drōv SI

The Drōv Standard Inflation (SI) system maintains your tire inflation and delivers you the cost savings of a dependable tire pressure management system–and superior engineering for market-leading durability!

Drōv SI Advantage

Drōv SI ensures proper tire inflation, maximizing the life of tires, casings and retreads.

Automatically inflates tires experiencing minor leaks or punctures
Alerts drivers of major issues
Key components with market-leading reliability and durability
Easy installation using an expandable axle plug
Compatible with all axle makes and OEMs
Can be retrofitted to existing trailers
Market-leading precision
CARB GHG 2020 compliant
Industry-leading system components warranty

The Drōv SI ROI

Insufficient tire pressure directly impacts fuel efficiency, productivity, safety and tire costs — the cornerstones of profitability.

Increased fuel efficiency
Chance of costly roadside repair diminished with properly inflated tires
Safety is enhanced when tires are properly inflated by protecting your driver, equipment and load
Maximizes life of tires, casings and retreads
Fleet profitability increased by up to two basis points

The Drōv SI Component List

Drōv Standard Inflation (SI) system component list:

A pneumatic control box
A pressure protection valve for the supply air tank
2 Rotary unions (for each axle)
2 Axle plugs (for each axle)
2 Inner tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)
2 Outer tire hoses (for each axle with dual tires)
OR 2 tire hoses (for each axle with wide based tires)
Air tubing, wiring and warning light


What information do I need to provide when ordering or submitting a quote request for the Drōv SI mechanical tire inflation system?
You will need to know the number of axles on the trailer, the axle ID (tapered or parallel), the hubcap size and type (oil or grease), the size of your tires, and at what minimum tire pressure you would like the system to be pre-set.
Where can I buy the Drōv SI mechanical tire inflation system?
To have Drōv’s SI system installed on OEM factory-delivered trailers, if you buy trailers through the OEM’s dealer network, please inform your dealer that you wish to specify the Drōv SI mechanical tire inflation system on your order and also Contact Sales. We will coordinate with your dealer and the OEM. National account buyers ordering trailers directly from the factory, Contact Sales to facilitate Drōv installation on your order.

For directly-placed orders, Click Here to complete our quote request form and we will get back to you.
How long does it take to install the Drōv SI mechanical tire inflation system?
It will generally take one person about 4 man-hours to install the system. With two people, it will take 2 to 3 hours.
What type of trailer can the Drōv SI mechanical tire inflation system be installed on?
Our system can be installed on the majority of Class 8 trailers. Contact us at Sales with any specific questions you have on trailer types or configurations.
Can this system be specified on new OEM-ordered trailers? Can it be retrofitted on existing fleet-owned trailers?
Yes, to both! Drōv SI can be specified on new trailers ordered through dealers/trailer OEMs as well as retrofitted on already owned trailers. Just let your Drōv sales representative know your desires when asking for a quote or placing an order.
Is Drōv able to perform aftermarket installations for its customers?
Yes, for an additional installation fee, Drōv is able to perform installations for its customers. There are three installation options available. For customers located near Oklahoma City, Drōv personnel can generally do installations at your facility. Drōv can also do installations in our Oklahoma City trailer shop. And for installations of significant volume, an independent third-party installer is available that can travel to any location to do the installs. Contact Sales for details on this option.
How do the mechanical tire inflation systems know when to stop inflating the tire?
Our control box is designed to only add air to a tire when the tire pressure falls below the set system pressure. Air will stop flowing when the tire reaches the set pressure specified by the customer.
Will the tire pressure management system drain the air from the air brake supply?
No. We use a pressure protection valve to protect the air tank supply
How will I know if the system is activated and air is flowing to maintain the pre-set regulated system tire pressure?
Should tire(s) experience low pressure due to environmental operating conditions or if a tire develops a leak due to a road hazard incident, a warning light mounted on the trailer and visible to the driver will illuminate. The light will turn off once the system pressure is back to the pre-set level. If the light remains on, the driver should be prepared to stop at the next opportunity to inspect the tires.
Can I still manually check my tire pressure? And how can I check the overall system pressure?
To manually check a tire’s pressure, all you need to do is remove the valve stem hose from the tire and use a reliable tire pressure gauge. The overall system pressure can be checked with the gauge either at a rotary union fitting or at the control box valve stem.
How do I register my Drōv SI automatic tire inflation system?
Drōv will internally register your system in our customer records at the time of purchase.
Is there any regular monitoring or maintenance required for the tire inflation system?
Yes, periodically you should manually check your tire pressure and also check for any system leaks. Please refer to the Drōv SI Installation Manual for instructions on how to check for leaks. If you need a copy of the installation manual, contact us at Sales and we will email it to you.
How do I order individual parts for my SI system?
Check out our parts catalog here.