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Drōv develops 'smart' trailer technology, partners with Stoughton

CLEVELAND, Ohio—Over the last four years, Drōv Technologies has been working on integrating “smart” components and sensors into the commercial trailer through it’s AirBoxOne platform. Now, the technology provider has just announced a partnership with Stoughton Trailers during the American Trucking Associations’ Technology & Maintenance Council’s 2021 Fall Meeting.  

“We saw on the truck side there was so much innovation and so much consideration for technology. What we noticed was that very little of that was happening on the trailer side,” noted Lisa Mullen, Drōv CEO, during a TMC press conference.

“Without making the trailer safer today for the driver, there was little chance that autonomous transportation would be successful,” she added.

According to Drōv CTO Pete Jankowski, AirBoxOne can read any sensor on the trailer; check, change, and control tire pressure electronically; monitor wheel ends, the vibration of the hubs, and temperature; track the weight of the vehicle through the axles; and read ABS faults. The platform also connects to cargo and rearview cameras, ultrasonic backup sensors, and additional sensor integrations to detect wheel-end temperature and load weight to extreme G-forces and cargo security breaches.

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