How Fleets Are Using Trailer Telematics

The longest communication gap in trucking, the saying goes, is the gap between the trailer and the tractor. Class 8 tractors are putting vast amounts of real-time data into the hands of maintenance managers, safety teams, dealerships, and OEMs. But getting a signal from the trailer following behind that tractor has proven to be a maddeningly slow process.

That’s not to say that trailer telematics haven’t been gaining ground. In fact, trailers have made tremendous strides in communicating their overall health, location, and critical operating data for many vital components and systems. And that list is growing. But there remains an elusive lack of integration, coordination and simplicity with trailer telematics.  

Nevertheless, many fleets have been pioneering the use of trailer telematics and finding it incredibly useful in day-to-day operations, with very real return on investment. And, these fleets say, the technology is improving at a rapid rate, and getting easier to use, integrate and coordinate with other telematics systems every day.

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