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Dynamic development: Pilot tests advance smart tanker utility

Scour the exhibit hall floor at any truck show, and you’ll spot every solution needed to operate an extremely efficient fleet. The rub, says Brent Hickman, senior manager for equipment, maintenance, and fleet sales at Pilot Company—which boasts a fleet of nearly 1,800 tank trailers—is you'd need 12 subscriptions and nine people to manage them.

The search for one solution to unite them all led Hickman to Drōv Technologies’ all-inclusive AirBoxOne—an advanced electronics and pneumatics control platform with incredbile connectivity, expandability, and functionality.

“What sets this system apart is, it’s not trying to replace OEM parts,” he explained to Bulk Transporter. “It’s directing traffic using the equipment that’s there, just with one source. And with the rush to deliver technology to the trucking industry—into trailers, and even tractors, for that matter—there are a ton of people flooding the market with solutions. But one solution here and another one there, for every different need, doesn’t make sense to a lot of fleets. So an all-in-one package that eliminates the silos is a huge win.”

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